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Protect your most important investment. Remove glare, save money on energy costs, and keep fading at bay.

There's no place like home. So when it comes to protecting what matters to you most, trust Glass Energy Solutions. Our technical know-how and professional installations result in a new and improved space that instantly adds value back into your home. Keep furniture color from fading. Save on heating and cooling bills. Maintain security and privacy. All in a day's work for New England's leading window film professionals.

  • Fight Fading

    Interior decorators agree: sunlight spells disaster for home furnishings. Over time, UV radiation present in sunlight breaks down dyes within the fabric of your furniture, resulting in muted tones and an overall dull appearance. Before your furniture goes gray, fight back! Window film from GES block 99% of UV rays and keep your furniture looking fresh, even after years of direct exposure.

  • Cost-Saving Window Film

    Up to 40% of your cooling bill goes toward combating heat generated by sunlight through conventional windows. The good news: our window treatments block UV and infrared radiation that heat your home. New technology films don't carry that mirror tinted look, and yet they perform by keeping out up to 97% of infrared heat and 99% of UV radiation. Keeping things cool on blistering summer days means you'll get full payback within several years. Now that's a smart investment.

  • Shady Days? Not Anymore.

    This isn't your parents' "tint". Window film technology has advanced dramatically, and the days where it took dark coloration to block out sunlight is over. Instead of using metal-infused plastics, we leverage cutting-edge polymer coatings to give you glare-free viewing and cooler summer days—without darkening your view of the outside world.

  • Glass with Class

    Home improvements don’t have to be costly. Select window film can texturize the light entering your living room, providing graceful, rich illumination and a sense of style when viewed from your side of the glass. Sensational.

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Protect your most important investment. Remove glare, save money on energy costs, and keep fading at bay.

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From small offices to skyscrapers, our films offer dramatic results in terms of energy savings and asset security.

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