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The green movement is a totally new force for us. We're focusing on reducing carbon footprint and energy costs. We're increasing customer-facing value by leveraging the LEED rating system, energy rebates, and tax credits. When we look at professionals who are entering the design and build phase, working through ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED energy codes, we see that window film technology has become a non-invasive, passive system. It is going to compliment or supplement the upgrades a building will require--upgrades include active mechanical systems, like HVAC, and also active electrical systems. The industry, I think, is in a very sweet spot. GES is posed to bring forth a portfolio of technology that exists today, and more importantly, a portfolio ready for the future.

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Protect your most important investment. Remove glare, save money on energy costs, and keep fading at bay.

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From small offices to skyscrapers, our films offer dramatic results in terms of energy savings and asset security.

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