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Take control of the light entering your office for energy savings, exceptional security, and unprecedented style.

How much is the sun costing you? Improve your bottom line with solar control. From small offices to skyscrapers, our window film offer dramatic results in terms of energy savings and asset security. In addition to the privacy afforded by one-way viewing, we can deliver the look and feel of etched glass in an economically smart way. Security films help safeguard your assets protecting from snatch-and-grabs at your retail operation.

No matter your business, odds are we've got a film that can improve your day-to-day.

  • Bottom Line Savings

    One film on one window saves energy. Window film on hundreds of windows; now that's a lot of cash back. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building's cooling expense comes from solar heating. In addition, window film helps over time to protect your assets from sun damage. The professionals at Glass Energy Solutions can recommend and install window films designed to drastically reduce costs and put cash back in your company wallet. Right where it belongs.

  • Prying Eyes, Begone

    Stay secure while staying classy. One-way viewing keeps your confidential business secure letting in light and keeping windows shade or blinder free. Potential customers can see your merchandise clearly, using your window displays to full advantage.� Take advantage of our specialty films, which impart the appearance of texturized glass. They look great and make a bold, stylized statement to passerbys.

  • Safety in Window Film

    Whether you're displaying the latest fashions behind glass, or protecting valuable resources inside your office, conventional windows can put your business at risk. We offer a selection of security films that make glass become shatter-resistant and repel would-be thieves transforming normal glass into super glass. Our technology maintains a window's outer shell to also protect against storm damage, debris, and other flying objects.

  • Simply Beautiful

    Your business. Your style. There's no such thing as a cookie-cutter office. Doesn't it make sense to have window treatment options as unique as the place where you work, with a reflectivity that's lower than untreated glass? From sand-blasted frosting to isolating specific tones of light, our selection of window films can deliver your office the look and feel you've been waiting for.

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Protect your most important investment. Remove glare, save money on energy costs, and keep fading at bay.

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Take control of the light entering your office for energy savings, exceptional security, and unprecedented style.

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